Multimeter Website

Letters to Santa or is a website that is meant to post reviews about multimeters. Early this year Letters to Santa approached us with a copy writing task for their website. We were happy to help them.

Over the internet, the art of copy writing is valued to be very demanding and precious. The contents need to be rearranged and presented in a way that should sound promising and authentic. Overall it should be able to make a great expression on the target audience: people who are looking out to buy multimeters. Before we began, it was essential for us to understand a little bit more about your target audience, especially what they are expecting from a review website like Letters to Santa.  Plus we cannot afford to sound boring and repetitive. Neither we can post contents that mainly repeats the same words or are overlapping in nature.

Our opening line is straight and serious with little place for fun: ‘Santa’s Reviews – The Multimeter Authority’. We referred to the business or company name as well as their function over the internet in one single statement. We explained their function in details in smaller fonts just below the opening line: Providing up to date guides and Reviews, with An in depth understanding of the of the world of Multimeters” In this way we could get full attention of the target readers. They do not have to scroll down to get this basic understanding about the website. The second line was necessary because it should end all confusions regarding whether Letters to Santa is an online retailer of multimeter.

You scroll down the page and stop at the next section. In this section we have categorized the review into three groups:

  1. Ultimate multimeter review with a catchy opening line like Find the Exceptional!
  2. Best multimeter under 100 dollar where it begins with the statement like Need a budget multimeter.
  • Best automotive multimeters: we wrote: “Understand what you need’.

We also thought that the landing page should contain some top picks from each category. Hence we wrote a detailed review for the best of the best in each category. The web designer carefully added a picture of the multimeter we are talking about. This creates more appeal to the content.

We needed to keep in mind about reader behavior especially in a world that has become tech savvy. In this digital world people do not want to read columns of text unless totally engulfed by the spice and spirit of writing. We took extra care to ensure that we are on the right track. Plus this is review website we should share the right piece of information and not only support and describe a particular brand. For example in the ‘Top quality in a tight budget’ section we wrote that ‘Multimeters do not come cheap; if they come it should be noted that quality is not sacrificed’.

We are happy to announce that the website is doing very well according to traffic statistics.

Client: Seven Media

Category: Product Design

Date: June 2016

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