Website Design For Electric Biking

Electric is a review website devoted towards the review of electrically fueled bikes. Electric biking approached us to design their website. We did the following to help them promote electric biking among their target customers.

In the first phase of web design it is necessary to understand about the advantages of the product. This is required because as web designer we need to highlight those advantages via colour, content and other tools. Another homework is to comprehend target customers. People who would buy or love to convert to an electric bike when the option comes, will definitely be environment conscious people. Hence we chose the background color green or shamrock green for opening headers in the landing page and to highlight few more subtitles. The color of fresh clover on the web page should definitely serve its purpose. This is our face value. A visitor should be impressed at the opening of the website. Silver grey is another colour that we chose as a background for other important contents on the landing page. Silver grey has a wonderful contrast with shamrock making the contents easy to read or rather easy on the eyes. Our creative team designed the punch line as ‘Go green or go home’. It definitely describes the e-bike as well as its main advantage.

Right on the upper header of the landing page we created a button ‘Click to get started’. We wanted the website to be super user friendly. It has been seen by certain experts, the visitors love the idea of clicking on a button and taking the tour of the website rather than visiting each individual column. Of course, we kept sections and columns for the traditionalists also.

We understood that electric bikes are comparatively new to the society. So our columns should contain everything to help readers understand. Plus, we do not want our readers to leave the website for once. A nicely organized website creates an ever lasting impression on the reader’s mind. We have categorized the products of the company into three non-related non-overlapping classes like Fat tire e-bikes, Bike conversion kits and Beach cruisers. We used appropriate logos on top of the sub-headings. This created a smart appeal. Each section contains a comprehensive review. We discussed the top models of 2017 along with full length discussion of their features.  We also kept another option on the home page where the visitor can go directly to the products avoiding descriptive reviews.

Websites are long advertisements. The perfect web designer creates the illusion of a short and comprehensive ones with the help of pictures and videos. We used original pictures of the bike and inserted two main buttons: ‘Check price’ and “Review’. These are the two most important criteria when searching for a perfect product.It definitely looked smart and to the point content. The website should look authentic from all points of view being a review selling website.

Electric biking has become a very popular and trusted review websites in this category. We are very happy to share this success.

Client: Ruaan Nel

Category: Website Design

Date: June 2017

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