Budget Gaming Website: Domaine-Nowara.com

Domaine-nowara.com is a website that engages in posting contents about budget good quality laptops that are suitable for gaming. This summer domaine-nowara.com requested us to design their website.

Over the internet, web pages are the face of the company. What we really considered before beginning is that what kind of customers are we dealing with. Domaine-nowara.com is a review website. The target of the company is to build trust by sounding, looking and being actually authentic. As a website designer our job should be to promote in that line. We got the content and redecorated them into a working and beautifully coherent and relevant we pages.

Web design is all about conceptualization and technology. First comes the right choice of color that should complement the banner as well as the products the website is talking about. In this case we found deep red to be perfect. The color red symbolizes energy, passion and strength. It should complement the vibes and thrill of a gamer who should be the target candidates for the website. We used white to create that lovely contrast. We added little shades of pink here and there to give it an aesthetic touch. People from domaine-nowara.com appreciated the color choice.

The header is another aspect that should explain the purpose of the website at one read. The opening line we chose: ‘Gaming on the move; do not fall behind’. This evidently means that we are talking about a mobile device that would help gamers stay above their competitors when on the move. Our very next line: “The best laptop reviews, no-matter your needs”. This line empathizes that we are talking about laptops.

As a review website it is very important to sound impartial. We took great care that the contents should have a language that cannot be biased towards a particular brand. Plus it should be in proper and simple English; easy to understand and readable by all. We also added a section right at the bottom of the landing page: ‘three important things to consider before investing in a laptop’. Three sub sections discussing: battery life, CPU and graphics card and Display are added. These criteria are important in selecting laptops for gaming purpose. This section should help to win dependence of the visitors and they might consider the website helpful.

We organized the website neatly in a manner that there are no overlapping statements or misdirection. We classified the laptops into three main categories as per their price. Since the theme is about budget websites, the visitor should love the brands to be organized as per price. The price bracket is: Under 600 dollars; under 500 dollars and under 200 dollars. We emphasized the words ‘best laptops’ in every sub section. The idea is to convince the buyer about those brands and the reviews.

After the launch of the website, Domaine-nowara.com became one of the most popular review websites in this niche. We received accolades and are very happy to share this success.

Client: Seven Media

Category: Product Design

Date: June 2016

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