Artist Feature: Kseniia Snikhovska

Our very first artist feature post here at The Vendetta. And today we have something very special for our readers.

If you have been following our blog, you will know that we are very much into up and coming artists, and this week we would like to feature a new star on the 3D painting scene.

Her name is Kseniia Snikhovska and she has an amazing talent for drawing, not only in the traditional sense, but literally making objects appear out of the thin air with her 3D pens!

Usually, if you were to talk about writing, drawing and anything else related to pens you think of writing or drawing on a piece of paper, at least in some form or anonther. Well 3D pens allow you to create art that is not bound by paper. If you Google the words, 3D art, you will find something along the lines of: 3D drawing Art. https://no.pinterest.com/pin/539728336576314362/

This is not what we are talking about here, but the 3D art in question is actually phyiscal objects which you can touch feel, hold and play with. Some plastics, like PLA or ABS, is strong enough to hold up heavy objects which you might want to display.

She has many great objects in her collection, and we would like to share something which caught our eye with you today. Here is an example of one of the handbags which she created.

There are few who say they make a living from creating real life art, and even fewer who can say that what they have created is functional on any level.

Well this is where Kseniia shows her prowess. We don’t want to give too much away and we would suggest you go and take a look for yourselves.

You can find her homepage at https://penandplastic.com. She has created her 3D art here and it is listed in her Portfolio.

She also went to the trouble of writing how to guides total diet, stencil guides as well as which pens and filament to buy. 3d Painting may not be for everyone, but Kseniia has delivered amazing results with her 3D pens.

I admire her courage and creativity in this field of ever-growing technology and with its own unique challenges.

I have seen a vast variety of artist try and fail their hand (so to speak) at 3D printing. However, she has shown expertize in this field, and has even gone to the effort of creating a very thorough and in depth 3D pen review, where you can read about and hopefully find the right pen for your needs.



I hope that you will take a look and let us know what you think of her art in the comment section below. If you like this post please feel free to share it on social media using our nifty social sharing icons!